FIAT* 127
Project details
  • Brand FIAT*
  • Model 127 Concept
  • Date 19.03.2013
  • * Independent illustrations that are
    neither endorsed by
    nor related to
    the car company.
Project info

A tribute to Pio Manzu.

This concept proposes, in a modern interpretation, the masterpiece of Pio Manzu; the legendary Fiat 127, which I personally consider to be absolutely one of the stylistically most balanced economy cars. The project was first published by on March 19, 2013 and then widely disseminated by various web portals, printed and online magazines.

The resurrection of the Fiat 127, as it's about a car designed according to the stylistic criteria of the 70s, is quite risky. While the European retro models currently to be found in the market are based on automobiles designed in the 1950's or decades before, the Fiat 127 was among the first truly innovative cars of the 1970's, conceived with a functional style, clean volumes and simple lines.
By accentuating their vintage character, the time distance helps to stylistically distinguish the 'retro' models from 'normal' cars. However, the reconsideration of a rather modern model runs the risk of making it already 'old'. So, I have attempted to unite past and future in a proportionally updated car with a design loyally inspired by the model launched in 1971, including high-tech solutions.